About us

We know that the best interiors are those we want to stay in. Get to know us and learn how NoEcho influences the acoustics, design and mood.

About us

NoEcho is a new project and a completely new dimension of sound in interiors. We believe that pleasant acoustics and beautiful surroundings are the best environment for work and leisure. We create acoustic felt panels for the commercial sector, our flame retardant products are  distinguished by their design, durability, as well as excellent acoustic parameters, which were confirm by certificates and test results.


Open space provides flexibility and potential for a great interior design concept, however  the acoustics in such interiors can prove to be an overwhelming challenge. Noise, reverberation, sometimes tiring silence – fortunately, we know how to tame them without neglecting the aesthetics of the interior.

Our answer is NoEcho. The acoustic panels that ensure proper interior acoustics and beautiful design.


Simple forms look great in large spaces, that is why we focused on contemporary acoustic panels. Six unique product lines, geometric patterns, two thicknesses of panels to choose from and a palette of 36 colours provide virtually unlimited arrangement possibilities. You will be able to match them with the nature of the organization, the needs of the users, or the emotions and impressions you would like to evoke.

Should you not find a pattern you are searching for in our catalogue, please reach out to us. We will do our best to create a bespoke shape/model of panels for you.

For people and the planet

We are a local brand, we create and design our panels in Poland and we are not indifferent to our environment, therefore we act with respect for people and the planet. We do everything to minimize waste, and use recycled materials in our production process.

NoEcho acoustic panels are produced near Warsaw from PET felt, made of 50% post-consumer PET plastic (polyester), half of which comes from disposable bottles. We chose this material, because it is durable, lightweight, pleasant to the touch and can be formed into a variety of shapes.

How we work?

We are here to support the implementation of your ideas. We provide solutions that will help you achieve the best interior design effect. We provide short production lead times, free consultations regarding acoustics and the use of our solutions in your project. When required – we visit the investment site to provide advice and share our knowledge about acoustics.

We provide all tools helpful in the project design: free catalogues, 3D models, shapes and textures of our products.

Do you have any questions? Write to us and we will respond within the next hour.