Mix models and colours. Choose from among several NoEcho acoustic panels – created for spaces, where great acoustics go hand in hand with good design.


Seriously about sound

All NoEcho acoustic panels have been created to tame sounds in office, hotel and large commercial space interiors . Our products are characterized by a high sound absorption coefficient from 0.25, through 0.70 to even 1.0 with an appropriate combination of models and their layers, which was confirmed by test results.


Flame retardant

Security without compromise

You no longer need to choose between safety and good design. Our panels were designed for spaces with stringent safety requirements. NOECHO acoustic panels are flame retardant and their properties have been confirmed by certificates.

See reaction to fire classifications


With respect for people and the planet

We create our products in Poland with respect for the environment. We reduce waste to a minimum, and use PET felt for the production of acoustic panels - 50% of the material is obtained from recycling.

Quality and comfort


NoEcho acoustic panels are lightweight, durable and pleasant to the touch. They are resistant to long-term light exposure, and contact with sharp or blunt objects, they are easy to clean. Their assembly is also very easy - to facilitate this task, we provide mounting instructions to each of our products.